We were asked to develop a redefined Social Impact Platform that would align with LCBO's business and brand and allow the organization to tell their story better, and engage employees and customers.

Our task was to develop a public-facing name, manifesto and creative identity as well as some visual representations of the work in real life.


We’re bottling something new at the LCBO. Something bold and refreshing for Ontarians. It’s a spirit that’s good for the planet, the province and its people. That spirit is sustainability. We’re infusing it into everything we do. We’re finding new ways to bring out that spirit in the people we work with and the communities we live in. Becoming sustainable is more than a process - it’s an attitude, a mentality and a belief. At the LCBO, we’re going to make good decisions that improve the wellbeing of everyone and everything we touch because if we don’t take care of today, we’ll have nothing to cheers to tomorrow.


Agency: Public Inc

Creative Director: Jon Lane

Copywriter: Rob Ramsay

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